Tea Tree Burn

Hey y'all. The other day, my scalp felt really itchy. After researching solutions, I decided to put some tea tree oil on it.


Instead of solving my dry scalp woes, the tea tree oil actually burnt my scalp. WTF? I am the saddest.

I discovered this after finding tiny little scabs all over my scalp. (And I know it was the tea tree oil because, out of sheer laziness, I only applied it to half of my scalp in spots that were particularly itchy.)

Tea tree oil helps with dry, itchy scalp ONLY if diluted with other ingredients (in a shampoo or conditioner). Sigh. This is what I get for not being thorough with my research.

Just thought I'd share. Don't let misinformation happen to you! :-/ Stay fabulous!


  1. Oh my God! This happened to me too. I broke out on my scalp and on my ears.

  2. You can also dilute it in a carrier oil like jojoba (one of the best) or olive oil. Sad that you had to learn it the hard way. :(

  3. ouch babe! i always use my tea tree oil in a cool water and apple cider vinegar rinse when my scalp is irritated. maybe try that

  4. oh no! i found out that tea tree oil is very strong when i tried to use it to get rid of scars from acne. deff burned really bad! I just use a few drops of tea tree oil in my leave in and put it in that way


  5. Thanks for the suggestions ladies! What about mixing it in with Coconut Oil and then applying it to my scalp? Should I just add the two oils to my shampoo/conditioner?

  6. Oh goodness! I'm so relieved I'm not the only one who's done this! I mixed with shampoo but honesty it was mostly tea tree oil, and my scalp hasn't ever been so unhappy!